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The Convocation: The Apostolic- Prophetic Congress

In a time when darkness glooms over the nations, and we question what next..... Then God sends a man! The Convocation is the gathering of prophetic apostolic people with a common theme - Revival. I’m once again gathering NOT only prophetic people but Apostolic builders too. I believe in the destiny of this nation where I reside as my base, and my mandate is to raise the next generation of Apostles and Prophets that are willing to cry for our nation.

As the nation dwindles in economic recession, we need apostolic foresight and oversight, with the help of prophetic lens on how to navigate the promises of God for the nation. With this in mind, my assignment is to stir and steer the emerging and established voices in our nation with real time dialogue!!!!

I am calling prophets, prophetic people, apostles and apostolic people for a one day training, administration and activation…. My cry is that the U
SA heeds to this call as we recalibrate our lenses to see God’s Big picture for our nation. Join me for The Convocation May 19th-May 20th in Houston, TX!

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