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PMP is an intensive three month program designed to propel, mature, and ground you in as you go forward in your prophetic journey. This program is more than an educational platform that you will glean from; you’re joining a prophetic family that you can do life with. We pray this program answers questions you’ve asked for years. Thank you for entrusting PMP with your spiritual development.


Section One: Program Overview

My name is Dr. Oscar Guobadia, and I am the instructor for the Prophetic Mentoring Programme which is an online mentorship program for emerging and established voices. In this letter you will find basic information about the course as well as resources for ensuring your success in the program. 


In addition, feel free to post questions, engage with the community, and make posts that would benefit the group. This way you get the most out of your experience.


Here are some other program features to look forward to:


  • On Demand Classes 

  • Recordings of Cases Studies, Q&A Sessions

  • Quizzes, Exams, and Homework Assignments

Section Two: Payment Options 


The following are the types of membership options available for Brook School of Prophets. Each module contains four weeks of lessons and course materials. Payments can be made via PayPal to Make sure your payments are in US Dollars (USD): 


  • Payment Plan Options:

    • Three Instalments:

      • Module One- $170

      • Module Two- $170

      • Module Three- $170

    • Entire Program: $500


*Special 50 % discount for those who currently reside in Africa. Contact for instructions.

  • Three Instalments:

    • Module One- $85

    • Module Two- $85

    • Module Three- $85

  • Entire Program: $250



After Payment:


After completing payments please send a copy/screenshot of your receipt via email to Please include the following in the email:


  1. The program package you are paying for. If you’ve paid for the entire program, use “PMP ‘23 Full ”. For instalments, “PMP ‘23 Instalment".

  2. The PayPal email or account name associated with the payment.

  3.  Join the Facebook group(s) covered by your membership below:

Section Three: Course Schedule

  • Lesson One: The origin of the prophet

  • Lesson Two: Patristic & contemporary prophets

  • Lesson Three: Prophetic Technology

  • Lesson Four: Prophetic Administration

  • Lesson Five: Prophetic Types


  • Lesson Six: Prophetic Persona

  • Lesson Seven: Revelation Ministry I

  • Lesson Eight: Revelation Ministry II

  • Lesson Nine: Prophetic Hazard


  • Lesson Ten: The Prophet & The Five-Fold

  • Lesson Eleven: Prophetic Presbytery

  • Lesson Twelve: Hybrid

  • Lesson Thirteen: Revision

*Please be advised that each class covers multiple topics listed in the curriculum.*
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email

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