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Free One Month Training

In the current landscape of the Body of Christ, there is a noticeable deficit in authentic prophetic mentoring and rigorous training. As a passionate advocate for theological prophetic scholarship and administration, I am pleased to offer a complimentary one-month intensive training program designed for those called to the prophetic ministry.

Over the course of one month, participants will be immersed in an enriching environment that opens up the vast world of biblical prophetism. This program aims to provide a robust foundation in prophetic scholarship, coupled with practical mentoring and wisdom for navigating the complexities of prophetism.



Participants Will Gain

  • Comprehensive Training: Deep dive into the biblical foundations and contemporary applications of prophetism.

  • Mentoring: Personalised guidance to nurture your prophetic gifts and calling.

  • Wisdom and Insight: Strategies for effectively operating within various spheres of influence.



Who Can Join

This program is tailored for individuals in various sectors, including but not limited to those in: 

  • Creatives/ Art & Entertainment 

  • Marketplace & Entrepreneurs 

  • Government & Politics

  • Church 

  • Academia 


This will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to fulfill your prophetic calling effectively.

How To Join

This unique opportunity is available at NO COST, reflecting my commitment to fostering prophetic excellence within the Body of Christ. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply promptly, as spaces are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the program?

A: Anyone can join!

When is class?

A: Classes are on-demand.

How long are classes?

A: Classes are two hours.

Support Center

Email if you have any additional questions. 

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